Within the depths of Stattbad Wedding, from 25/06/2010 – 04/07/2010, more than 40 artists from the milieu of Berlin's cultural associations Salon Bruit e.V. and DIENSTbar have been asked to consider the theme “Verwertung” and apply it in their own manner to the festival.

The interdisciplinary arts festival Verwertung provides invited artists with the time and space to present their questions and answers on the Verwertung of art, life and consumption. The results will be presented in the form of performances, installations and video works, and explored further as the recycling of materials, ideas and processes in DIY workshops.

The building has been empty since 2001 and now houses the art project Stattbad who host temporary events and exhibitions as well as housing other projects and artists' studios. The special ambiance of the disused building, which was once an indoor swimming pool, gives the visitors the opportunity to engage intensively with the theme.

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Sunday, 4. July 2010

17:00 – 21:00

Exhibitions-Finissage 17:00

Discussion and summary of the Festival Verwertung 19:00

Moderation - Markus Schwill

Premier of the Animation Workshop 20:00

"Back from the bin: Als Helden verwertet"

What is Verwertung?

Verwertung = recycling, utilization, exploitation, employment, use of, putting to practical use...

In the world of industry it can be broken down into three forms:

1. substituting the need for raw materials by extracting materials from waste, e.g. copper from cable remains;

2. exploiting the properties of waste for its original purpose, such as lubricating oil from old oil;

3. exploiting the properties of waste for other purposes, such as composted organic waste as fertilizer.

A person or thing is also judged under the criteria of Verwertung, i.e. by the proportion of their usefulness in the results of a profit-based society. Things like the old rights of artefacts such as movies, pictures or other intellectual property are always thrown back into the economic cycle to maximize their exploitation.


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