Colaboradio Info Page

Salon Bruit e.V. will be working together with Bootlab e.V. and C-Base e.V. on a radio project called Colaboradio on the 88vier frequency, Berlin. We will be sharing Tuesday nights between 19.00 - 06.00 with Studio Ansage.

The mission statement :
The central aspects to the Radio project CoLaboRadio are:
c o l l a b o r a - tion,
l a b o r - situation and r a d i o.
With this Colaboradio tries to follow the definitions of free software according to: and tries, when possible, to be
e x p l o r a t i v e
c o l l a b o r a t i v e and
p r o d u c t i v e


Salon Bruit contribution looks something like this...

#  Kate Donovan & davidly Play with Words & Music
Every fourth Tuesday night of the month verschiedenen Formen von Liedern, Klängen, Klangkunst, Essays über Sound,
Hörspielen, Kommentar zum Politik, obskuren Aufnahmen, was Lustiges,

# Radio In Radio (Purepresence)  - pre-produced
Every fourth Tuesday night of the month
To propose international artists to use radio sounds as the source of their work. It can be mixed, transformed, as is... The goal will be to consider the radio as a (particular) space, and to see how artists handle it as listeners, then as artists.
check Radio in Radio archive page

# Supersonic Radio Show (salon bruit) - live
Normally every first Tuesday night of the month 23.00 - 01.00
Show about experimental music in and around Berlin's scene, usually dealing in themes. After a couple of live solo sets the highlight is always the Blind Date, where the invited artists play an improvised set.
Some shows are archived here

# radiobot (Apo33) -  live stream
Every fourth Tuesday night of the month
radio is the medium, a score, transmission is the instrument, receivers are the agents
radiobot bring lost disruption in the waves
radiobot transport time outside time
radiobot is trying to be autonomous

# Boing...Zack! - (schmacke) - live and pre-produced
Every second Tuesday night of the month 23.00 - 23.30
Zeichentrick-, Stop-Motion-Animation- und computergenerierte Filme werden zur Sprache kommen, Filmemacher vorgestellt und interviewt, technische Neuheiten vorgestellt und besprochen. O-Töne und Filmmusik runden das Programm ab.

#### For more on program times and specific infos to all shows go to 88vier

To listen to some of the shows and other Salon Bruit recordings check out our page